Changing hearts and minds.

For a content-marketing team in a media organization, it’s how you get on more consideration lists. You need to market yourself as well as you market others.

Globe Content Studio launched the MarTech Mornings monthly event series about a year ago, as a way to bring our community of agency partners, existing and potential clients, entrepreneurs and students together to educate, inspire and inform through keynotes and panel discussions. To invite people into our space, to give them the chance to learn more about what we do, to spark conversations, and to network.

We’ve tackled topics as diverse as cinemagraphs, influencer networks, blockchain, cannabis, and women who market to women, all filtered through the lens of marketing technology, which is continuously growing and changing.

Our most recent edition focused on personal finance, featuring a panel with three experts in the field:

1) Eva Wong, co-founder and COO of Borrowell, a financial technology company that helps Canadians make decisions about credit.

2) Rasha Katabi, founder and CEO of Brim Financial, which is offering a suite of new credit cards that have generous perks and offer loyalty rewards.

3) Rachael Factor, director of communications at Wealthsimple, the largest and fastest-growing online investing service in Canada.

There’s a 40-minute audio recording of the session, which you can listen to here:


Some of the highlights:

  • Rachael says Wealthsimple recognized that the investing industry was historically intimidating for average consumers, and the company uses content marketing to humanize and demystify money.
  • Eva talks about why Borrowell turned to traditional marketing channels such as TV and (believe it) radio, and how she found them surprisingly successful. Radio, in particular, because of its appeal to commuters, and the fact it’s more accessible from a production and budgetary standpoint.
  • Rasha discusses the importance of Brim’s partnership with Mastercard, which helped gain acceptance for her relatively new brand because it’s a licensed issuer with a global footprint. It doesn’t hurt, she adds, that Mastercard is also strong on the innovation file.
  • On the topic of conversion, Rachael refers to brand awareness as being like a first date, when people shy away from revealing everything about themselves and certainly don’t propose marriage. For Wealthsimple, getting its name in front of consumers is enough as a starting point. Then you draw them in with more useful content, such as “meatier” money issues.
  • Borrowell started out by only offering personal loans, but as Eva points out, not all potential customers needed one right away. Another carrot was required. The team did its research and discovered credit education could lead to an expanded customer base. Lo and behold, free credit scores did the trick.
  • Rasha emphasizes the importance of continuously optimizing the user experience on Brim’s website. The company expands sections that resonate based on data, and removes those that don’t, to make sure the entire environment is relevant. The result? Visitors that spend at least 50 seconds on the site have a high propensity to convert


The next MarTech Mornings, temporarily rebranded as MarTech After Dark, takes place at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto on Sept. 12, from 5 pm to 7 pm. CLICK HERE to register.


Sean Stanleigh is managing editor of Globe Content Studio. Follow him on Twitter @seanstanleigh and on Instagram @sstanleigh.

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