A platform connecting corporate labs across Canada

The Globe and Mail and its innovation centre, Lab351, partnered with Toronto-based TenThousandCoffees.com to launch a platform that connects corporate labs across Canada to each other and to the startup community. The site not only aims to facilitate learning and sharing through networking, but to showcase the benefits of working with large organizations by tapping […]

Watch for these five content-marketing trends in 2018

A year ago I made five content-marketing predictions for 2017: http://globeedge.ca/content-marketing-trends-2017/ How did I do? (I’ll spare you from reading the whole post. One thing I did poorly was write too much.) Podcasts and newsletters had a banner year. Webcasts? Not so much. Paid social was everything I’d expected, and more. Benchmarks are definitely undergoing […]

Q&A: Should chatbots be a part of your marketing strategy?

“The conversational channel is exploding,” says Russell Ward, CEO of Toronto-based company Massively. And while he’s not suggesting chatbots are going to overtake social, email or apps anytime soon, it’s an area that marketers simply can’t ignore. “If you are thinking about reaching an audience, you need to think about messaging. Bots allow you to […]

How startups are shaping the cities of tomorrow

Every day, we read about what cities around the world are up to – new sectors, infrastructure plans, or the latest urban planning disaster. According to the UN, over half of the world’s population now lives in cities. City life is taking up more and more of our attention, and as cities have grown, so […]