Alcohol industry learns new tricks during COVID-19

When Canada went into lockdown at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the alcohol industry was behind the eight ball. Then, when governments announced that beer and liquor stores were essential services, many manufacturers and distributors reported increases in at-home consumption. Producers initiated a number of charitable activities, including the making of hand sanitizers for […]

‘Swift and devastating:’ How COVID-19 is reshaping the travel marketing landscape

The tourism industry has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic as lockdowns, travel bans and border restrictions have choked off the flow of visitors. Despite these challenges, history has shown us that the travel industry is resilient — and while we don’t know exactly when travellers will be back, we can be certain that they […]

How to effectively market e-commerce offers

With businesses across Canada shuttering their bricks-and-mortar locations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has emerged as the top alternative for buying and selling goods. That means effective e-commerce marketing is essential for both locally owned and legacy businesses seeking to stand out in the increasingly saturated digital marketplace. As part of our […]

Creativity in an age of COVID-19

Canadians concerned about their health are limiting personal contact. Companies and careers are changing quickly as they are disrupted on a mass scale.  How should brands speak to their audiences in this climate, and how can they prepare for post-COVID-19 marketing? Globe Content Studio hosted a discussion with advertisers and marketers who have done an […]