Brands should be making impressions not buying them

The most beloved brands have one thing in common: they put customers first. If you want to succeed. It’s not about selling a great product or service, it’s about being obsessed with your customers. “The ability to adopt a customer-centric business is the only way to compete,” said Chris Kneeland, CEO of Cult Collective and […]

To get back on track, brands should return to founding values

The world moves at breakneck speed, and it’s easy to get distracted by every new fad and trend. To stay grounded and prevent getting swept away in the tide of change, you should revisit the foundational values your business was built upon. Duncan Fulton, chief corporate officer at Restaurant Brands International—the holding company that includes […]

As a brand, know what you stand and then flaunt it

No brand is safe from disruption, so be sure you understand your timeless truth, be bold, create value in the world, and don’t be afraid to trust your instincts, even in spite of the data. Doritos acknowledged it had done a lot of soul-searching over the past year. With competitive pressures, disruptive technology and a […]

A different way to invest in and measure brand ROI

Brand is not simply a line item on a financial statement. It’s so much more. It’s embedded at every touchpoint of your business and every interaction with your customers. Indelible and cult-like brands know this better than anyone else. That’s a lesson I learned from Chip Wilson, founder of athletic apparel retaLululemon and author of […]