(1) Nano influencers. Globe Content Studio harnessed the power of the micro-influencer in 2018, with great success, with campaigns already booked for 2019. The nano-influencer is next on our list, defined as an ‘average’ group of digital citizens, who have follower counts as low as 1,000. In 2019, brands will explore their power, tapping into the one-on-one relationships they have with the majority of their followers.

(2) Alternative platforms. There was a lot of public criticism of Facebook in 2018, with user trust issues leading to a #deleteFacebook campaign. While brands will continue to tap its massive reach, this year will find advertisers testing alternative platforms, looking for new and highly engaged audience. Twitter and Instagram, while valuable, are not the only solutions. Globe Content Studio has leveraged Pinterest and Reddit, and we expect others to do the same, if they haven’t already.

(3) AI integration. Have you seen someone wearing shoes you like on the subway? If you take a photo of them, Instagram could recommend a similar pair. Snapchat and Pinterest have been playing around with this function and we hope to see it become available to the broader public in 2019.

(4) Niche targeting and personalized messaging. Think through your audience strategy and personalize messaging toward a defined group. Smaller is better if you know who you’re talking to. It can be as simple as narrowing in on your geo-location and calling out that geo-area out in the post copy (something like: ‘Hey Queen West in Toronto, join us at …’). Globe Content Studio used personalized messaging for a select group of social-media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We plan to continue with this strategy in the new year when it’s the right fit.


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