To support small businesses that need a hand during these uncertain times, The Globe and Mail’s content marketing department is launching Office Hours, a series of free online workshops.

This is the chance for Canadian small businesses to attend an hour-long virtual workshop, where Globe Content Studio members of our team will consult on one or two elements of digital marketing.

Each session will run 25 minutes per topic (or one in-depth 50-minute session, if the attendee only selects one) followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.


In just 1 hour, you can learn about:

  • The strategic advantage of content marketing and how to use it effectively to promote your business;
  • How to make your brand identity standout so you attract qualified customers and achieve your goals;
  • Strategies small business owners can use to nurture a successful presence on social media;
  • How to improve SEO and use Google Ads to market your business.

If you have feedback or questions, send us a note.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Globe Content Studio

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