Globe Content Studio elevates brands and drives their business results by delivering premium journalistic storytelling to a high-value audience. We’re a team of editors, strategists, designers and data analysts. Our portfolio of work is rooted in curiosity, diversity and honesty.

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Editorial — Newsroom content designed to provide contextual alignment for a brand to relevant storytelling on a specific theme. No integration or approvals. No labelling.

To embody the quirky spirit championed by MINI’s family of cars, Business of Fun is a playful series about successful Canadians in so-called ‘fun’ industries.

Native — Journalistic-style storytelling with brand integration alongside third-party, non-competitive voices. Thought leadership rather than overt product or service pitch. Takes Sponsor Content labelling. Promotion through native widget.

Bookshelf Diaries, developed in partnership with Indigo, is a multimedia series that takes readers inside the homes and book collections of notable Canadians.

Advertorial — Full brand integration and messaging around products and services, produced by Globe Content Studio. Takes Sponsor Content labelling. Promotion through advertising creative.

Created alongside AMEX Canada, Breaking Barriers features a diverse group of women across traditionally male-dominated fields and showcased how they’ve overcome obstacles along the way.

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